What we're looking for

Practicum100 is a fast-paced online education experience, designed to build and polish your skills. We are looking for individuals with real potential to shine and a passion to succeed.


To become a Practicum100 member, you need to be detail-oriented, a fast learner, and to be ready to do your very best to help us help you excel in your future career.


Tuition cost

At Practicum100 we invest in the very best. You will pay tuition only after you find a high-paying job, with a yearly income of €30,000 and above. 


Once you start working, repay 10% of your monthly income, up to the tuition cost of €8,000.

Upon acceptance, you will be asked to pay a €250 registration fee that will be reduced from the tuition amount.


How to apply



Sign up to Practicum100.


Course Community

Join our Slack community to get mentoring and support.


Data Challenge (Pre-course)

Complete 20 hours of Python and Data Analysis basics.


Personal Assessment

Demonstrate your skills, accomplishments and dedication.


Study Hard

Become one of 100! Build your future as a data analyst.