Career Accelerator

At Practicum100, we offer you not only state-of-the-art professional training, but we also provide you with the knowledge, skills, and mentoring you need to find a job in the field.

Personalised skills mapping

The Practicum100 unique career accelerator starts with a personalised skills mapping that will provide you a clear insight into your skill-set level in various career and technical skills companies are looking for in candidates. That map will guide you and help you where you need to focus, to find your dream job.


Industry-leading mentors

Our team of industry-leading mentors provides plenty of webinars, workshops, and meetings throughout the career accelerator. You will gain access to professional content, advanced tools, technical interview preparations, office hours, and industry insights - all led by experts in the field.




Business & Data Analyst

Senior Product Analyst



Career development best practices

The Practicum100 career accelerator will help you take your job hunt process to the next level. We will instruct you on advancing your soft skills, elevating your online presence, building a pro-level resume, growing and utilising your network, and uncovering all the tricks and hacks for finding the perfect job.

"All for one, and one for all"

During the career accelerator, you will join a success-oriented development squad consisting of selected colleagues that will emphasise a team's power to promote every squad member towards success. 

Your squad will be the go-to place for every question, idea, or dilemma, so you always have someone by your side.


Employers network

We use our industry connections to match companies with candidates that fit their requirements. Enjoy the prestige and professional network of one of Europe's leading tech companies.


The bottom line

The bottom line is that our success depends on your success, and we are willing to ensure you will not pay the program's tuition if they do not find a high-paying job. This means it's in our best interest to do whatever it takes to support you on your hunt for the best job possible.