How We Teach

At Practicum100 we’re using top-notch learning techniques and a state of the art learning platform designed by data experts for the market needs. We also provide best learning practices and 24/7 support, to make sure you have everything you need to succeed.

Build your portfolio

You will master the skills required to become a data analyst and build

a portfolio of projects during the 9 months, 20 hour per week training course.


Examples for real projects by Pracitcum100 graduates:

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Video games sales analysis

Help a game service identify the most popular trends.

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The effect of weather on taxi services

Suggest the probable causes of customer churn and test your hypotheses.


Real estate analysis

Determine the real estate market value in a city with a population of over one million.


Study in our exclusive technological environment

Full immersion in the IT profession means you will have to complete hands-on projects, keep in touch with your mentor, and maintain ongoing contact with the new technologies you study. That’s why we created an exclusive technological environment to help you succeed.

Interactive Online Platform

You start practicing and solving real-life tasks from day one. Information is given to you bit by bit, and you can start applying it immediately by writing your own code on our interactive platform.


Independent Work

The interactive platform is just a part of the overall learning process. You will acquire the essential skills while working on real-life projects with the tools of professional analysts.


Enjoy personal support

24/7 support to move through roadblocks. Our tutors and community managers will support and encourage you every step of the way. They will check and review your code, help you to overcome any difficulties, and even give you the expert advice you need to succeed.

Become a part of a community

Your studies will be with like-minded Fellows like you. You will be part of  the Practicum100 slack community and you will have the benefit of working on projects and studying alongside your colleagues. After graduating you will be part of Practicum100 for life and join our alumni network.


Accelerate your career

By the end of the training program, Practicum100 students gain access to our unique career acceleration program. The program starts with a personalised skills mapping that provides every student with a clear insight into her skill-set level in a variety of career and technical skills needed for the job hunt. 


Practicum100 students will also gain access to professional content covering technical fields, soft skills advancement, opportunity sourcing best practices, technical interviews, and industry insights - all led by experts in each domain. 


In addition, each student will join a success-oriented development squad consisting of selected colleagues that will emphasise the team's power to promote every squad member towards success.


Meet our team and mentors




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