"Shine bright like a diamond"

- Rihanna


All diamonds begin as diamonds in the rough. Practicum100, simply put, is our way of polishing diamonds. The job of the diamond polisher is highly important; it requires great skills and expertise to help the diamonds reach their full potential. At Practicum100 it is our goal to help our students achieve their goals. 


Every year we try to locate the true diamonds among thousands of gems. We choose a select group of talented individuals from all around the globe and equip them to be the future generation to lead the job market.


Having located the diamonds, we invest heavily in the craft of polishing. Practicum100's training program lasts about a year, during which the students acquire new skills and professions, alongside a process perfecting the most suitable career path for them.


Practicum100 program is 100% online. We provide personal guidance by the best guides and 24/7 support by career mentors who have worked and are working in the world's leading companies.



Practicum100 was founded because we believe that every person has the right to shine and become the best version of himself.

The right to shine does not depend on how much money you have, where you came from or what network of connections you have today. Anyone who wants it and is willing to work hard for it, deserves it.

This is why, unlike in "traditional" training programs, our students don’t pay their tuition upfront, but only after they have successfully integrated into the job market, in a successful and high paying position. Thus giving every eligible student, regardless of their circumstances, the opportunity to learn and advance.

This is our way we ensure that both our students and we, together, share the same goal:

Shining with all our might.

The people

Practicum100 was built under the leadership of Yandex Practicum’s research and development teams, along with a line of researchers, teachers, and mentors coming from a range of leading companies in the world.


Our diverse and skilled team gives us the opportunity to create a real change in the way training to acquire a new profession takes place. This change puts the student’s success at the center stage, making it the most important thing.